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LAWPRO awarded "A (Excellent)" financial strength rating
A.M. Best Co., a leading rating agency, has awarded LAWPRO its 14th consecutive "A (Excellent)" rating.

TitlePLUS title insurance reduces base premiums

Assurance LAWPRO partners with HUB International Quebéc Limitée

Canadians lack knowledge about home equity lines of credit, but only one-in-ten seek expert legal advice, poll reveals

"Title Insurance has value," National Post
This article explains the benefits of obtaining title insurance.

"Everything we do supports lawyers"
A brochure that highlights what sets us apart from our competition.

Bob Aaron's "Title Page" Column
Since May 2000, Bob Aaron, a sole practitioner in Ontario, has written the Title Page column on Saturdays in the New in Homes section of the Toronto Star.

TitlePLUS 2012 Public Awareness Campaign report
The TitlePLUS program continues to educate the public about the importance of consulting a real estate lawyer.

Toronto and Suburbs Neighbourhood website
This website is a great resource for people living in, and moving to, neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding suburbs. It includes over 150 distinct neighbourhoods within the City of Toronto alone, and provides information on housing, schools, shopping and much more.

Crime Prevention Campaign brochure
The TitlePLUS program sponsored the campaign, run by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP). This campaign is designed to educate the public on how to protect themselves from being the victims of crime.

Canadian Mortgage Trends website
Visit this website for news about Canadian mortgage rates, Canadian banks and brokers.

Hidden Challenges in Purchasing Rural Residential Properties

Tips on Mixed Use Property Purchases

Fraud Fact Sheet
Fraud is a real and growing problem for all law firms and their staff. This fact sheet explains the most common scenarios and how to spot them.

Title Fraud - What Realtors® need to know

TitlePLUS 10th Anniversary Booklet
A historical overview of the TitlePLUS program.

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