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Who we are

Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) is a wholly Canadian-owned insurance company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Professional Liability Insurance
LAWPRO provides professional liability (malpractice) insurance to lawyers in private practice in Ontario.

practicePRO is LAWPRO's risk management initiative that educates lawyers about common legal malpractice risks and provides them with tools and resources to help them proactively avoid claims.

TitlePLUS title insurance
LAWPRO's TitlePLUS program offers insurance coverage for both the title-related aspects of a real estate transaction and the legal services provided by the lawyer closing the deal (excluding OwnerEXPRESS® policies and Québec policies).

Incorporated in 1990 by the Law Society of Ontario, LAWPRO has operated independently of the Law Society of Ontario since 1995, with its own management and Board of Directors. For over 20 years, the LAWPRO team has provided the Ontario bar with cost-effective liability insurance, expert claims administration, and proactive risk and practice management initiatives to help prevent claims.

Financial strength

LAWPRO operates in a commercially viable and responsible manner in accordance with the regulations of the Ontario Insurance Act, the Ontario Corporations Act, and other applicable legislation. The company has consistently been awarded an "A (Excellent)" rating for its financial strength by A.M. Best Company, a leading rating agency.

In touch with the profession

LAWPRO prides itself on a strong customer focus and on providing the bar with an insurance program that reflects the changing needs of the legal profession.

Our Vision

To be regarded as the preferred insurer in all markets and product lines in which we do business.

Our Mission

To be an innovative provider of insurance products and services that enhance the viability and competitive position of the legal profession.

Our Values


Individually and as a team, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.

  • We deliver programs and services known for quality and cost-effectiveness, and for being practical, helpful and relevant.
  • We demand the best of ourselves every day and in everything we do.


We foster a climate in which creativity, innovation and change can flourish.

  • We share ideas, skills and knowledge and encourage continual learning.
  • We value teamwork and collaboration, and the diverse strengths and perspectives of others.


We act with the highest levels of integrity in all of our interactions and decisions.

  • We aim to always be consistent, fair, ethical and accountable.


We strive for excellence in customer service.

  • We share our knowledge, experience and expertise with our customers and with each other, so that together we can identify, prevent and solve problems.
  • We take the time to listen and understand, so we can respond effectively and empathetically to our customers and to each other.
  • We demonstrate courtesy and genuine respect for all.


We try to make the world a better place, and to that end lend our energy and expertise to many communities.

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