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Real Estate Fraud: Keeping up the fight




Join Nadia Dalimonte, Manager, TitlePLUS Claims and Counsel, as she reviews various types of fraud, and provides tips and resources to help you avoid them.


This program is eligible for 30 minutes Professionalism (applicable to the Law Society of Ontario’s CPD hours), and is approved for the LAWPRO Risk Management Credit.


The links to the resources mentioned in the presentation can be found in the video description on YouTube.




Complimentary CPD Session - We got you covered
December 19, 2019


S. 50 of the Planning Act; update on Bill 88
Learn to identify contraventions and when an exemption applies; get an update on the status of Bill 88 and proposed amendments.

Presenter: Shawna Ramsay, National Consultant, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours: 1 hour Substantive

Planning Act claims pitfalls
Learn about the mistakes most commonly made relating to the Planning Act and help your clients avoid these situations.

Presenter: Shawna Ramsay, National Consultant, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours: 45 minutes Professionalism

Top LAWPRO real estate claims; and blockchain
Hear about our top real estate claims: what causes them; how to avoid them; and, resources to enhance your practice. Plus, get an overview of blockchain and smart contracts: how they work and any impacts to your practice.

Presenter: Ray Leclair, Vice President Public Affairs, LAWPRO
CPD Hours: 30 minutes Professionalism; 30 minutes Substantive


Complimentary CPD Sessions to ensure you stay ahead
March 22, 2019


The TitlePLUS Residential Policy: What’s covered & what’s not                                            
Navigating a title insurance policy can be daunting especially if you’re not familiar with the different sections and what they mean. We will focus on the TitlePLUS policy and provide examples of the coverage at work.

Presenter:  Shawna Ramsay, National Consultant, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours: 1 hour Substantive

Avoiding Pitfalls – Claims Examples
Claims can be avoided by identifying problems and dealing with them before closing. Hear about claims arising from common mistakes and how to avoid them in your practice.

Presenter:  Lisa Weinstein, Vice President, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours:  30 minutes of Professionalism


Complimentary CPD Sessions to keep you in the know
December 10, 2018


Property Ownership and Access Issues                                              
Whether you practice in the city or rural communities, access and property ownership disputes affect many transactions! This program will update you on recent scenarios and take a look at some interesting case law to see how legislation is being interpreted.

Presenter: Shawna Ramsay, National Consultant, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours: 1 hour Substantive

Diversity & Malpractice Claims
Covering actual scenarios of malpractice claims, this session will illustrate mistakes that can happen when dealing with diverse clients and counsel, improve your cultural competency and strengthen your ability to connect with your clients.

Presenter: Ian Hu, Counsel, Claims Prevention and practicePRO
CPD Hours: 30 minutes EDI Professionalism

Fraud, Cybercrime and Real Estate Risk Management
and Claims Prevention

Fraud comes in all shapes and sizes.  Learn to recognize and avoid the red flags of real estate fraud, forged or falsified cheques, and how to spot cybercrime and "phishing" scams targeting you or your staff.

Presenter: Lisa Weinstein, Vice President, TitlePLUS
CPD Hours: 1 hour Professionalism


Complimentary CPD program for new real estate lawyers
May 22, 2018


This CPD program will provide you with an overview of the steps to closing a routine residential resale purchase transaction and tips on how to manage the risk of a malpractice claim by communicating with your clients and providing them with a roadmap of the transaction.

Presenter: Mahwash Khan, Communications Counsel, LAWPRO
CPD Hours: 40 minutes Professionalism; 30 minutes Substantive

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