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For the purposes of providing TitlePLUS policies to clients, if a lender is listed on our Confirmed Lenders Chart, you can be confident that they will accept TitlePLUS policies notwithstanding any absence of a reference to TitlePLUS title insurance in their instructions.

A Final Report to Lender must be sent after policy issuance. It must set out:

  • the lender as a named insured under the TitlePLUS policy;
  • the applicable TitlePLUS policy and version numbers;
  • the mortgage registration number;
  • the mortgage registration date;
  • the face principal amount of the mortgage; and
  • all of the information required by the individual lender set out in the final column of the Confirmed Lenders Chart.

Where any verifications or opinions have been undertaken/given in addition to the TitlePLUS requirements because of instructions from the lender, they should be set out in a written opinion and included with the Final Report to Lender.

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