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Pricing for Residential Policies

Unlike other types of insurance, the premium for a TitlePLUS policy is paid only once, and the policy remains in force for as long as the home owner(s), their spouse or heirs own the property.

The premium for a TitlePLUS policy is typically paid by the home buyers, borrowers or home owners. To see how affordable this protection can be, take a look at our pricing:


For a broker in Alberta, contact HUB International Insurance Brokers
at 780-482-6936 or 1-800-563-5325.

British Columbia


For a broker in Manitoba, contact Reider Insurance at 204-956-7300.

New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island




LAWPRO and Insurance Brokers

LAWPRO has relationships with insurance brokers in Manitoba, Alberta and Québec. These insurance brokers assist with the sale of TitlePLUS policies and are compensated by way of commissions paid by LAWPRO.

The compensation from LAWPRO may involve a combination of an annual base payment plus a "per policy" commission over a defined policy sale threshold, or may be strictly a per policy commission.

LAWPRO does not own or provide loans to any insurance brokerage firm, nor does any insurance broker own shares in or lend money to LAWPRO.

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