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Checklist for Home Buyers

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Be prepared and check the list...

  • Complete any final inspections of the property;

  • Ensure that all details regarding your mortgage have been finalized;

  • Set up new/updated accounts at your new home with all utility, phone and cable companies;

  • Send out change of address cards, which you can get from the post office;

  • Advise anyone who provides service at/to your home of your address change (e.g., gardener, newspaper carrier, etc.);

  • Have your mail to your old address redirected by the post office to your new address;

  • If you are currently renting, give your landlord the required written notice. Ensure that any deposit that your landlord is holding as “last month’s rent” is properly credited to you;

  • Arrange for a change of address effective on the date of closing for your driver’s license, health card and any other government identification/accounts;

  • If you will be moving out of your current neighbourhood, arrange for the transfer of any personal records to your new health professionals (e.g., doctor, dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, etc.);

  • Consider whether you need to change or cancel any memberships with any organizations (e.g., business, athletic, social, religious, etc.);

  • Book your movers for the day of closing. When scheduling the time with your movers, bear in mind that you cannot move in to your new home until the transaction has been completed, usually in the afternoon. If you book the movers for too early in the day, you may be paying them to wait with the truck at your new home until you have confirmation that the deal has closed;

  • If you are moving into a condominium with elevators, make sure that you book the elevators for late in the day, so that the movers can move you into your new home;
  • Purchase appropriate house or condominium insurance to be effective as of the closing of your transaction;

  • Find out from your lawyer the amount that you will be required to pay to close the transaction. This will include any part of the purchase price not covered by your deposit or mortgage funds, land transfer tax, your lawyer’s fee and disbursements, etc. Ensure that you have these funds available when they are required;

  • If you have pets, ensure you have planned for their safe transfer to your new home.

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